For gamers who are looking forward to getting their hands on more games for the Nintendo Switch, you might be interested to learn that Fire Emblem could be one of the titles that will be arriving on the console. This is according to an alleged listing on Amazon Spain’s website for Fire Emblem Fates Complete Edition.

According to the reports, the listing was posted and then removed quickly. Since we didn’t actually see the listing ourselves, it’s hard to tell if it is the real deal. However as Nintendo Everything points out, the box art used to list the game wasn’t a fake per se, but rather it was fan art, which is rather strange. However the listing apparently had the game set for a release on the 17th of November.

It should be taken with a grain of salt for now since such things are pretty easy to fake these days. In fact there have been far more elaborate hoaxes that we’ve encountered in the past. That being said, with Fire Emblem having been released on mobile, it does make sense that Nintendo could have a Fire Emblem title that they plan to release for the Switch.

Whether or not this title will end up being the one that was listed, or if it will be something else entirely remains to be seen.

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