It’s no secret that Fitbit has been working on its first proper smartwatch but recent reports suggest that the project isn’t operating as smoothly as the company would have hoped. If the latest reports are believed, the Fitbit smartwatch release may face yet another delay as the project continues to hit hurdles.

Bloomberg reports that merely months from the debut of its first smartwatch, Fitbit has lost several people who were working on the project. The company is reportedly also lagging behind its app store which will be crucial to the success of its upcoming product.

A full-fledged ecosystem is imperative for devices like smartwatches so it’s absolutely key for the company to get it together. The report claims that the app store may not be ready when the smartwatch is released this fall.

Citing people familiar with the product, the scribe mentions that Fitbit’s smartwatch can play music and handle payments. A statement emailed by the company claimed that the development of the smartwatch and third-party apps “are on track,” and that “any claims that the developer program is struggling is false.”

Fitbit also said that it’s “well positioned to succeed.” The company is expected to sell its first proper smartwatch for less than $300, it’s said to be powered by a custom operating system which will rely on developer support. Fitbit recently acquired Pebble to help with that end.

The company originally wanted to release the smartwatch in spring this year but it may not be able to get it ready before the fall.

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