In the US there are several ride-hailing services that one can choose from depending on personal preference, speed, costs, and so on. While Uber is no doubt still pretty prolific and is more than likely ahead of the competition, Lyft seems to be doing just fine as an announcement on its blog has revealed that they have hit 1 million rides per day.

According to Lyft, “As we approach five years of working to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, we’re excited to announce a big milestone: Lyft is now providing over one million rides per day. Hitting this mark caps years of rapid expansion. For 48 consecutive months, Lyft has experienced ride growth in excess of 100% year over year.”

The company has been making some pretty huge changes to its services over the past few months. For example the company has finally released a standalone app for drivers which makes it more convenient and efficient, and in turn could encourage drivers to join the company. They have also introduced new options like Lyft Lux that competes against Uber Black, and recently the app has made it easier and faster for passengers to hop onto their rides with pickup suggestions.

That being said, based on the numbers Lyft is still very much behind Uber. For example Uber managed to hit 1 million rides back in 2014, and last year it was estimated that they were giving 5.5 million rides per day. However given Uber’s recent troubles, perhaps we could see Lyft start to catchup.

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