It goes without saying that self-driving car technology is only going to improve in the coming years. Almost every major car manufacturer is working on its own autonomous driving technology. Audi unveiled the advancements it has made today at the launch of its new flagship sedan, the new Audi A8. It boasts Level 3 self-driving technology.

Audi is calling this functionality Traffic Jam Pilot. It’s capable of driving the car itself at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour. The driver can be required to take back control at any time. “This will completely change our mobility,” Audi sales boss Dietmar Voggenreiter said.

The Level 3 self-driving feature will be restricted to highways where oncoming traffic is separated. The new Audi A8’s sensors and satellite navigations will themselves ascertain if the conditions are appropriate before enabling the driver to activate this functionality.

The driver can take their hands off the wheel at that point but the car is going to notify them with a series of audio and visual alerts when it feels that they need to retake control.

While the Audi A8 will be fitted with hardware required for Level 3 autonomy, the car will remain at Level 2 until a legislative framework is approved in key markets. Audi expects Level 3 to get regulatory approval in Germany by next year.

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