Westworld was HBO’s most watched series ever for a first season last year. It really took the world by storm when it was released in 2016. HBO revealed that it had even surpassed Game of Thrones in first-season numbers. HBO has now released the official Westworld season 2 trailer, giving fans their first glimpse of what’s yet to come.

HBO released the Westworld season 2 trailer at the San Diego Comic-Co and it picks up where we left off in the first season. There was a host uprising at the end of the previous season and they have well and truly arisen in the second season.

Some of the main characters from the previous season make an appearance in this trailer, including Bernard Lowe, Maeve, Dolores, and The Man in Black. It’s all centered around the hosts becoming self-aware and shows a glimpse of how things will progress in the show from now on.

We even get to see Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, aiming a gun at partygoers while on horseback. This goes to show that there’s not going to be any shortage of action and violence in the upcoming season as viewers have come to expect following the first season.

Fans will have to wait for a considerable amount of time to watch the new season, though, as HBO has previously confirmed that Westworld season 2 won’t be released before 2018.

“It’s an ambitious project, and HBO has encouraged us to take the time and resources that we need to work on each stage of that,” says creator Jonathan Nolan, so it’s going to be a while before we know for sure precisely when Westworld season 2 is going to premiere.

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