Microsoft has confirmed today that the PowerPoint Presentation Translator is available to any and all users starting today. The company announced this feature at its Build 2017 conference last month. It’s a feature developed by the company’s Garage project which offers real-time translation for PowerPoint presentations. This feature is now available to all PowerPoint users.


The Translator supports 10 languages for speech so users will be limited to that but they will be able to add subtitles in 60 languages that are supported for text.

The PowerPoint Presentation Translator add-in is capable of transcribing spoken words which are then used for translation into the selected language. It enables users to translate text in presentations without ever having to leave PowerPoint.

Additional features include audience participation in multiple languages. Users can share a QR code or a five-letter conversation code so that they can participate in the presentation using their mobile device.

Microsoft hasn’t made the PowerPoint Presentation Translator available through the Office Store as yet but the add-in is live now and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

This isn’t the only artificial intelligence-related news that Microsoft has announced today. The company has also launched a new iPhone app which makes life easier for the visually impaired.

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