It was reported earlier this year that Samsung might end up overtaking Intel and become the world’s largest chipmaker, as far as revenue is concerned. The company has ended up doing that. It has dethroned Intel as the world’s largest chipmaker, a position that the company has enjoyed for almost two-and-a-half decades.

Samsung reported its earnings results for the second quarter of this year a few days back. Not only did the company earn a record operating profit of $12.6 billion which made it the most profitable tech company in the world, but it also overtook Intel.

Samsung earned $15 billion in revenue from its semiconductor business alone which is slightly above Intel’s $14.8 billion revenue from semiconductors in the second quarter of this year. This has allowed Samsung to end Intel’s 24-year reign and become the largest chipmaker in the world by revenue.

This obviously doesn’t mean that Samsung sold as many or more processors than Intel. The latter’s primary products include its processors for PCs and servers.

On the other hand, Samsung makes chips for mobile devices, IoT devices, and connected vehicles. The company’s semiconductor division also earns a lot of money due to flash memory and SSD memory products that have proven to be a cash cow for Samsung.

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