There’s a real chance that the Windows 10 Creators Update may leave behind users that have machines powered by Intel Atom Clover Trail processors. A new report reveals that Intel’s Atom Clover Trail processors currently happen to be unsupported by the Windows 10 Creators Update so users are unable to get the latest feature update of Microsoft’s desktop operating system.


ZDNet reports that users on an Atom Clover Trail PC are receiving an error when they try to install the Windows 10 Creators Update. The error message claims that “Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC.”

This has taken a lot of people by surprise since Microsoft hasn’t made any announcement with regards to compatibility. However, Acer has confirmed that some of its Clover Trail powered PCs are not compatible with said update.

“Microsoft is working with us to help provide compatible drivers to address this incompatibility. If you install the Windows 10 creators update, icons and text may not appear at all, or may show up as solid color blocks or bars,” Acer explains on its website.

It’s not known for sure right now precisely what the compatibility issue is here. Until it’s resolved, users on Clover Trail PCs will be limited to the Anniversary Update. The fix will hopefully arrive soon because Microsoft is going to officially drop support for the Anniversary Update early next year.

Microsoft is reportedly working with its OEM partners to take care of this issue.

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