For a while Microsoft’s Windows Phone was seen as a contender for the mobile space. It never quite had the same momentum compared to iOS and Android, but back then Microsoft was pushing pretty hard to make it work, going as far as acquiring Nokia’s mobile business unit in hopes of churning out their own smartphones.

Clearly Microsoft’s efforts did not exactly pan out the way they intended, and now it looks like Microsoft has officially ended the mainstream support for Windows Phone 8.1. Note that this doesn’t mean that your phone will stop working, but rather it means that in terms of software updates and technical help, you’re pretty much on your own for now.

We’re not sure what is the percentage of phones in today’s market that is still running on Windows Phone 8.1, but presumably there should be a few that’s left in the market today. It is unclear what Microsoft’s plans are for the future of smartphones, but there have been rumors that Microsoft could be trying again with a Surface Phone, although that has yet to be revealed.

However while phones might not be Microsoft’s forte, they do seem to be making some headway with tablets like with the Surface Pro series, which we guess is helped by the fact that it has access to all of the apps that you might expect from a desktop.

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