When you’re a teen, we’re sure the last thing we want to see on our phone are messages from our parents asking us where we are, when we are coming home, and so on. For the most part it’s easy to ignore these messages by dismissing them when they arrive, although we’re sure that most parents do get pretty annoyed by that.

That’s why a dad from the UK, 45-year old Nick Herbert, decided to build a messaging app that forces kids to reply messages from parents. How it works is pretty simple, where upon receiving the message, the window cannot be dismissed until a reply has been sent back, meaning that kids are forced to say something in order to close the window.

The app is dubbed ReplyASAP and came about when Herbert’s teenaged son would not reply his messages because his phone was usually kept on silent, but the app solves it as it will ping the user regardless of the phone’s audio settings. It will also keep ringing until the message is acknowledged, and will also come with read receipts.

The app is free to download and currently only available on Android, but users will have to pay a subscription to use the service where it will range depending on how many users that they plan to use it with. It’s not a terrible idea, but we have to admit it sounds like a rather annoying one for kids, but given the digital age we live in, we suppose parenting styles will have to be adapted accordingly.

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