Elon Musk is one of the many influential voices calling on the world to take cognizance of the threats posed by artificial intelligence. While other tech giants like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tend to disagree with him, there are many who share Musk’s views on artificial intelligence. Musk has now put his name to an open letter to the United Nations that’s signed by more than 100 other influential people calling on the UN to regulate weapons systems powered by artificial intelligence.

The letter asks the United Nations to “protect civilians” from the misuse of AI-powered weapons. They are of the view that tyrants and despots will come to use smart, AI-powered killing machines which will be very detrimental.

The group believes that smart weapons that don’t require a human to control them run the risk of becoming a “pandora’s box” that humanity will find difficult to close once it opens. The letter doesn’t just provide recommendations to the United Nations. It also provides solutions.

It details a kind of framework that can be developed by the United Nations to ensure that this technology is not created and deployed.

It’s not surprising that Musk has put his name to this letter, given that he’s previously said that artificial intelligence is a greater threat to the world than North Korea.

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