Fallout is a game that many gamers are familiar with which exists on the PC. It has been that way since the start and that’s presumably the way it’s going to be, although there was Fallout Shelter which did find its way onto mobile devices and consoles. However it seems that Fallout be heading in a new direction: offline.

In a report by Game Informer, it seems that Fantasy Flight has announced that they will be launching a physical board game that is based around the Fallout franchise. However it won’t be strictly a copy of Fallout, since that would be impossible to replicate on a board game. Instead it is expected to be inspired by the gameplay and tone of Fallout, but will use its own storytelling method and its own game mechanics that is more suited towards tabletop games.

Interestingly enough despite this being a tabletop game, which is usually geared towards multiple players, this version of Fallout can apparently be played solo. However if you wanted to play with others, it will support up to four players. The goal of the game is to gain influence across the wasteland that they have chosen, represented by the hexagonal tiles in the photo above.

We’re not sure how well this tabletop version of Fallout plays, but Game Informer’s early impression seems to be pretty favorable. No word on pricing just yet, but it is expected to be released in the coming months, something that Fallout fans can look forward to.

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