These days 4K recording on cameras and smartphones is becoming something of a standard feature. This is because 4K is expected to become the standard resolution for the foreseeable future, so manufacturers are trying to create devices that are futureproof. However for some reason Fujifilm did not include 4K capture with its X-Pro2.

The X-Pro2 was announced last year for some reason, the camera only came with the ability to capture video in Full HD, but to be fair Fujifilm’s cameras have never really been known for their video recording capabilities, but still, the option for 4K would have been nice. However according to Fuji Rumors, that could change soon.

The publication has heard from their sources that Fujifilm is apparently planning a new firmware update for the camera that will introduce 4K video capture. We’re not sure what kind of frame rates we are looking at, but hopefully it will be a minimum of 30fps which still makes videos relatively watchable (although 60fps would be ideal).

Fujifilm has yet to confirm anything at this point so do take it with a grain of salt for now, but for X-Pro2 users out there who are hoping for better quality video capture, this could be an update worth keeping an eye out for.

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