Recently it was reported that four people had been arrested in India for leaking an episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The people arrested apparently worked for Star India, which is one of HBO’s distributors in the country, and it seems that HBO just can’t seem to catch a break with these leaks because another episode has since found its way online.

According to reports, the sixth episode of season 7 was accidentally leaked online, and it seems that this was not by the work of hackers, but rather HBO themselves in which HBO Spain accidentally broadcasted the episode several days earlier than it was supposed to go on air. While the show was only made available for one hour before it was pulled, it was more than enough time for users to rip the content and share it online.

There are many platforms in which footage of the episode is being shared, and it seems that based on what is shown and what was shown in the preview for next week’s episode, the leak appears to be genuine. If you’re trying to watch the next episode the legitimate way, then we should caution you not to visit any websites that could potentially reveal the spoilers.

So it seems that not only does HBO have to deal with hackers, rogue employees of their distributors, but also their own staff. Thankfully this isn’t the final episode for the season, so here’s hoping HBO will be able to get a handle of that.

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