There was one point in time where it was speculated that the tablet could eventually replace more traditional computing devices like laptops, but in more recent times it seems that maybe interest in tablets are starting to wane. However despite what appears to be a decline in tablet sales, Apple’s iPads appear to still be doing well for the company.

According to Apple’s latest earning results, the Cupertino company has revealed that iPad sales are up 15% year-over-year in Q3 2017. The company has revealed that they have managed to sell a whopping 11.4 million iPads during the third quarter of 2017, in which it managed to rake in nearly $5 billion in revenue alone.

This also represents an increase from the same period last year where Apple managed to sell under 10 million iPads, although admittedly that is still a lot of tablets. Apple also managed to beat the expectations of analysts, some of whom predicted that Apple would only sell as many as 7-9.8 million units during the quarter, but clearly the company has beat those expectations and then some.

We’re not sure how there is an increase in tablet sales, but it is possible that Apple’s introduction of newer iPad Pro models as well as a more affordable iPad could have a part to play in this.

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