A popular rumor of the upcoming LG V30 is that it will be ditching the secondary display that made the company’s V-series so unique. Instead it was suggested that LG could turn to the use of software to mimic the effect, which LG themselves have confirmed will be the case and have shown it off in screenshots.

As you can see in the image above, the floating action bar will actually slide in from the side of the phone where it will allow users to launch certain apps or shortcuts. When not in use, it can then collapse back to the side, which honestly isn’t a bad idea since a software floating action bar will take up less screen real estate compared to an actual physical display.

However we suppose in the process, LG has killed off one of the main features of the LG V-series and introduced a new feature that could easily be replicated by apps and custom ROMs. That being said, the LG V30 is obviously more than just its action bar as the camera is said to sport an f/1.6 lens which should help with low-light photography.

The handset has been confirmed for a launch on the 31st of August which is in the next couple of weeks, so do check back with us then for the official details.

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