One of the features that set the LG V-series apart from the competition is that it featured a secondary display on the top corner of the screen. This is where information separate from the main display could be shown off, and admittedly it is a pretty nifty feature. However we have heard rumors that LG will ditch it in the LG V30.

In fact recently leaked drawings have also seemed to hint that the handset will not sport a secondary display, so if there is no secondary display, what makes the LG V30 so different from the rest of the phones out there? According to a report from Android Authority, it seems that LG might have an alternative.

According to the report, they have heard from their source that instead of a physical secondary display, LG could turn to the use of software and instead introduce a “floating bar” which could act as an alternative to the secondary display. However their source could not tell them what exactly this floating display would do or how it would function, but apparently it will act similarly to the secondary display and provide users with shortcuts and access to apps and display notifications.

In any case we guess only time will tell what the LG V30 will offer users, so check back with us later this month where the LG V30 will be officially unveiled during LG’s IFA media event.

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