#IFA 2017 – If you’re a creative professional who uses a lot of editing tools but want a potentially faster and more efficient way to do your work, you might be interested to learn that Logitech has recently unveiled a new keyboard called the CRAFT Advanced Keyboard which comes with a feature designed for creative professional in mind.

The keyboard itself is pretty standard and comes with features like backlighting. It also has smart illumination where depending on the placement of your hands, will illuminate the keyboard accordingly and adjust its lighting. However its key feature is probably the Crown, which is basically a dial at the corner of the keyboard that users can use to perform certain actions.

For example it can be used to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation tools in Photoshop, or used to create or adjust charts in Microsoft Excel, but basically because it will work with third-party apps, its potential is limitless and is really up to you how you want to take advantage of it. In a way it reminds us of the Surface Dial accessory launched by Microsoft back in 2016, but smaller and attached to a keyboard.

Of course this won’t come cheap as the CRAFT keyboard will be priced at $200 which means that for the average user, it might be a bit out of reach, but if you are interested it is expected to be released this coming October.

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