YouTube’s logo has largely remained unchanged ever since the video sharing website was launched. When it was first launched over 12 years ago, it only had support for one format, 320×240 at 4:3 aspect ratio. In contrast, YouTube now lets users watch any combination of SD, HD, 4K, 360, 3D, and live video on a wide variety of devices. Not only has YouTube received a new logo but its new Material Design interface is now live for all users across the globe.

The new YouTube logo has been designed for the multi-screen world. It’s a cleaned up version of the iconic YouTube wordmark. The overall design is more flexible so it works better across different devices.


Channels owners can take advantage of this new logo and use the brightened up icon as an abbreviated logo if they want to highlight their channel on a device where space is limited. The new logo and icon are rolling out across mobile and desktop starting today.

The Material Design user interface for YouTube was first revealed over a year ago when it was being tested. Google launched a beta recently so that more people could try out the new interface.

The new YouTube user interface is based on Google’s Polymer framework to provide a faster and more reliable experience. The overall design is simpler and cleaner than its predecessor. Some users will absolutely love the fact that there’s a night mode available now as well.

The new YouTube user interface is also rolling out starting today to users on both desktop and mobile devices.

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