Recently it has been confirmed that TCL will be launching a new BlackBerry smartphone, and that unlike the previous BlackBerry phones that were launched, this model is expected to be a full screen handset, as opposed to earlier BlackBerry phones that also offered users a physical keyboard.


Given that BlackBerry phones are known for their keyboard, it made sense that TCL was launching phones with them, but it looks like the company is interested in a full screen option this time. Now in a report from Engadget, it seems that additional details about this particular handset has been revealed, and that is it will be a water-resistant phone.

It is also expected to pack a battery that will offer more than 26 hours of mixed use. According to TCL’s François Mahieu, it seems that the executive believes that durability and longevity will be key factors that will help the phone sell. However whether or not you actually manage to squeeze out 26 hours remains to be seen since it will depend on the kind of user you are.

However we expect that the water-resistance should be a welcome feature since water damage is one of the more common ways in which people are ruining their handsets. Last we heard TCL confirmed that the phone will be launched this coming October, so we won’t have to wait much longer to learn about it.

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