The Nintendo Switch is pretty unique as far as consoles go, and even as far as handhelds are concerned if you were to classify it as one. This is because of the way the console has been designed where it can double up as a home console, or taken on the go, thanks to its detachable controllers.


However it seems that the Switch’s Joy-Cons have recently landed the company in some hot legal water. In a lawsuit filed by accessory maker Gamevice, the company claims that Nintendo has allegedly violated a patent for the concepts used in its Wikipad Android gaming device, namely the Joy-Cons where Gamevice feels like it is too close to their concept.

Unsurprisingly it looks like Gamevice wants Nintendo to stop selling the Switch, a ban on the sales, and also they are seeking unspecified damages. Neither Gamevice nor Nintendo has commented on the lawsuit so it is unclear as to what how Nintendo plans on proceeding, but presumably they will be defending themselves and the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has definitely turned things around for the company especially following the flop that was the Wii U. The company has moved quite a few units so far and the console has received quite a fair bit of favorable reviews since.

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