Given what a disaster the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was for the company last year, what with the batteries exploding and causing fires, we’re sure that many tech companies are now being extra cautious when it comes to trying to avoid similar incidents with their products. In fact NVIDIA appears to be taking such steps.


The company has recently announced that they are voluntarily recalling the European wall adapters that are being used for the SHIELD Tablet and TV devices. According to the company, “NVIDIA has determined that the two-prong European plug head – or “duck head” – may break, posing a risk of electrical shock. The recall is limited to the European plug head and does not affect any other NVIDIA products.”

The good news is that it appears that so far nothing bad or untowards has happened to NVIDIA users, so perhaps NVIDIA caught this early before anything did. Note that this only applies to the European wall adapter which means that those living in other parts of the world that uses a different adapter, you guys are safe.

For those who are unsure, you can head on over to NVIDIA’s website to see if your adapter is the affected unit, and how to go about sending it back to NVIDIA for a replacement unit.

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