If there was one feature that was missing from the console version of Overwatch that was present on the PC version, it is the player reporting feature. In case it wasn’t obvious, player reporting is where players can report other players for bad behavior, like suspected cheating/hacking, profanity, being a troll, harassment, and so on.


Blizzard has in the past stated that they do plan to bring the feature onto consoles, and it looks like console players won’t have to wait much longer. In a post on the Blizzard forums, Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the next patch for the game will enable the feature for consoles.

According to Kaplan, “Reporting on console will be available when patch 1.14 goes live (the patch that has DM and TDM and is currently on the PTR for testing). Thanks for being so patient with us.” He also notes that the way reporting and punishments work is still something that is constantly in development, and is expected to keep changing while adapting to the behaviors of players.

He writes, “We are working on increased punishments for high frequency offenders, email notifications when your reports result in disciplinary action (we’re experimenting with this right now and we’ll expand this as we refine it) and eventually notifications in the game client when your report results in disciplinary action.”

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