The problem with multiplayer games is that it involves other people, which means that in terms of player behavior, it can sometimes be hard to predict what kind of opponent or teammate you might be getting. This is where players can sometimes run into issues like bullying and harassment, but Rocket League’s developer Psyonix has a plan to deal with that.

The reporting function is pretty much present in most multiplayer games, where players can report other players for harassment, cheating, and so on, and usually this involves someone, like a game master, to look into the issue and then decide on what to do. However Psyonix is planning to automate the process.

According to a post on the Rocket League website, “This week, we’re building on our Player Report system by adding a new layer of automation to the report-ban process. This automation, simply called the ‘Language Ban’ system, will automatically ban players from online matches when certain words — racial slurs, for example — are seen in reports filed by our players.”

The ban will be initially set at 24 hours for the first infraction, followed by 72 hours for the next time, and a permanent ban could also be considered if the harassment continues. While we wouldn’t exactly say Rocket League is home to toxic players, hopefully this new system will help weed out the bad players even better.

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