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Rocket League Will Be Coming To Mobile Devices
If you love playing Rocket League and thought that it might be a game that would be awesome to play on mobile, you’re in luck. The folks over at Psyonix have since announced Rocket League Sideswipe. This is a mobile version of Rocket League that has been designed from ground up and is optimized for mobile gameplay.

Rocket League Will Be Free To Play This Summer
Games these days are sold in a couple of different approaches. Some adopt the more traditional model which is where gamers pay a one-time fee to buy the game and that’s it. Others try to reduce the barrier of entry by offering the game for free, but then make money off in-game purchases.

Rocket League Ends Online Multiplayer Support For Linux, macOS Devices
If you are playing Psyonix’s Rocket League on either a Mac or Linux computer, you might want to take note that the developer has announced that they will be dropping support for online multiplayer for the game on both those platforms. This will take place in March after a final patch for the game has been released.

This Is Rocket League’s Answer To Controversial Loot Boxes
In the past couple of years, the loot box mechanic found in video games has come under fire. This is because there are some who liken loot boxes like gambling, where gamers pay for items in which they don’t know what they’re getting, leading to government bodies like the FTC to launch an investigation.


Epic Has No Plans To Stop Selling Rocket League On Steam
Recently it was revealed that Epic would be acquiring Psyonix Games, which in the process also means that the company would own games like Rocket League. In the post on the Rocket League website, Epic announced that they would eventually be bringing Rocket League over to the Epic Games store and kind of left it at that.

Rocket League Now Supports Full Cross-Platform Play
Last year Harmonix confirmed that Rocket League would be supporting cross-platform play. However there was a catch and that is Sony was sitting this one out, as we had seen in the past. There is some good news and that is Harmonix has since announced that “full cross-platform play” is now supported.

No Plans For Rocket League PS4 Cross-Play Just Yet
Rocket League allows for cross-platform play amongst Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers. Unsurprisingly given Sony’s stance, the PS4 is not part of that list. However Sony recently made headlines by announcing their decision to finally allow cross-play for Fortnite, which led to many wondering about other games Sony had denied in the past.

Rocket League Ultimate Edition Announced For Nintendo Switch
Last year Rocket League launched for the Nintendo Switch. However if you’ve yet to get your hands on the game, you might be interested to learn that Psyonix has since announced Rocket League: Ultimate Edition that is expected to make its way onto the Nintendo Switch on the 28th of August.

Rocket League Cross-Platform Party Coming This Summer
As it stands, Rocket League already supports cross-platform play, but unfortunately what it lacks is cross-platform party support. This means that while you might be able to play with other players on different platforms, you won’t actually be able to form parties with them and play together.

‘DC Super Heroes’ DLC Announced For Rocket League
It seems like the developers at Rocket League love their crossovers because not only did they do a crossover with Nintendo by introducing Mario and Luigi themed cars, but the later DLC for the game will also see them team up with DC through the upcoming “DC Super Heroes” DLC pack.

You Can Now Play ‘Rocket League’ In Real-Life
Rocket League has found its way onto a variety of gaming platforms, such as the PC and consoles, and now if you’re looking for a new way of enjoying the game, you’ll be interested to learn that Hot Wheels has announced a real-life Rocket League. This will naturally involve RC cars and let players do battle in real-life.

Rocket League For Nintendo Switch To Receive Visual Upgrade
As Nintendo Switch owners are probably aware, the console isn’t quite as powerful when compared to the likes of the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X, which means that in terms of graphics, there is only so much developers can do at pushing the boundaries of the hardware. However the good news is that the developers of Rocket League will be bringing an upgrade to the game.

Rocket League Xbox One X Update Won't Be Released Before Late 2018
The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made, it also happens to be the most popular gaming console on the market for consumers at this point in time. Many developers have updated their titles to take full advantage of the console’s improved performance but Rocket League’s Psyonix is not one of them yet. Psyonix says that it won’t release the Rocket League Xbox One […]

Rocket League Crossplay Party Support Will Arrive This Year
Rocket League fans have something to look forward to this year. It has been confirmed via the game’s official support account on Twitter that the Rocket League crossplay party support is going to be released in 2018. This is something that many players have been looking forward to. The crossplay party support will enable them to invite their friends to play on the same team regardless of the platform they’re […]

Rocket League Now Available On The Nintendo Switch
Earlier this year it was announced that popular game Rocket League would be arriving for the Nintendo Switch. It was later confirmed that the game would be released on the 14th of November, so if you own the Nintendo Switch, you’ll want to fire up the Switch’s eShop (or head over to a retailer) because the game is now available for the console.

Rocket League Release Date For Nintendo Switch Confirmed
It was confirmed earlier this year that the popular game Rocket League is going to be released for the Nintendo Switch. It was also revealed that there’s going to be content that will be exclusive to the Switch version of the game. Psyonix sent out a press release this morning confirming the Rocket League release date for the Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League Will Start Auto-Banning Players For Reported Harassment
The problem with multiplayer games is that it involves other people, which means that in terms of player behavior, it can sometimes be hard to predict what kind of opponent or teammate you might be getting. This is where players can sometimes run into issues like bullying and harassment, but Rocket League’s developer Psyonix has a plan to deal with that.

Rocket League Announced For The Nintendo Switch
When you look at games designed for the PS4/Xbox One, they tend to be more “serious” in nature, while Nintendo games on the other hand are more lighthearted and are designed for quick gaming sessions. Rocket League seemed like it was a good fit but yet it never found its way onto a Nintendo console, at least until now.

Rocket League Fate Of The Furious DLC Arrives Next Week
To say that the Fast and the Furious franchise is a popular one would be an understatement. It’s a much-loved franchise which depicts vehicular mayhem like no other so it would make sense to have a tie-in with a game that’s also about raising some vehicular mayhem. Rocket League is a good fit which is why it’s receiving a Fate of the Furious DLC next week.

NBA 2K17 And Rocket League Free On Xbox This Weekend
Are you looking forward to the weekend? Well, if you happen to own an Xbox One, Microsoft wants to make the weekend extra special for you. The company has confirmed today that as part of its Xbox Live Multiplayer All Access event, Xbox One owners will be able to play NBA 2K17 and Rocket League for free this weekend. Xbox One owners will have three full days of unpaid access […]