Twitch released its desktop app a couple of months back. However, the app was initially made available in beta only. Twitch’s desktop app is now out of beta and the full version has now been released for users. The app basically does everything that Twitch on the web can with several additional features that are not available on the web-based version of Twitch.

Some of the additional features that are exclusive to the desktop version of Twitch include a Dark Mode. An immensely popular choice among users these days, the Dark Mode will make it much easier for users to watch streams at night. It will reduce the amount of bright light to provide a more comfortable viewing experience that’s easier on the eyes.

The Twitch app for desktop also brings text and voice rooms which will stay online even when the servers go down. This will enable users to catch with their favorite communities whenever they want. Twitch users will even be able to make voice and video calls to friends.

The app is going to be updated with cloud storage in the future which will enable users to access their data from multiple machines.

Twitch’s desktop app is available for both Windows and Mac starting today. It can be downloaded from the Twitch website.

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