Facebook-owned WhatsApp wants to be the communication solution that businesses use to get in touch with their customers. It’s also making it easier for customers to find the real accounts of businesses that they want to connect to. There were reports recently that something like this was about to happen and WhatsApp has gone ahead with the idea. It has added verified badges to select business accounts.

WhatsApp is adding verified badges to business accounts after ensuring that their contact information is accurate. The verification process only appears to have been opened up to a small number of businesses that have participated in its pilot program.

The verified badge, denoted by a green check, will be attached with a business account if the phone number of a contact belongs to a business account. WhatsApp is also making it easier for users to know that they’re talking to a business account. It will show a yellow text bubble in the chat to make that apparent.

These texts can’t be deleted, though, despite the fact that WhatsApp allows users to delete messages from regular conversations. WhatsApp appears to be forcing users to keep their records of chats with a verified business account.

The verified badges will help businesses appear more trustworthy on the world’s most popular cross-platform messaging app. It may also encourage more businesses to jump on the platform to leverage its massive user base.

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