Apple’s new set-top box is capable of streaming content in 4K. At launch, the device will not be shipping with Dolby Atmos surround sound. However, the company has confirmed that support will be launched in due time. It’s going to release a firmware update down the line which will enable Dolby Atmos surround sound on the new Apple TV 4K. The new set-top box has the same A10X processor that powers the current iPad Pro models. It starts at $179.


Dolby Atmos is the next generation surround sound format, better described as “object-based surround.” It’s unlike conventional surround which routes specific tracks of audio to specific speakers. Atmos enables audio engineers to position sound objects in 3D space and the compatible devices then figure out how to best recreate it.

Support for Dolby Atmos isn’t missing from the Apple TV 4K at launch due to any hardware restriction. The company confirmed to The Verge that there’s no hardware limitation due to which Dolby Atmos support isn’t present at launch.

It added that support is on the roadmap so the firmware update that flips the switch on Dolby Atmos support should be out soon.

Apple hasn’t confirmed when it’s going to release this update so we’ll have to wait and see when that happens.

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