To combat the surge in fake news, Google started adding fact check findings to search and news results earlier this year. It started working with fact checking organizations like PolitiFact and Snopes for this purpose. Bing is now doing something similar. Microsoft’s search engine will now display a fact check label in search results to help users find fact checking information on news and webpages within search results.

Bing explains that the fact check label may be used on both news articles and webpages that Bing has determined contain fact check information. It’s also working with fact checking organizations like PolitiFact, Snopes, and others to surface the relevant fact checking information.

This provides users with additional information that they can use to decide for themselves whether or not the information contained in that news story or webpage is accurate.

This label will be used on a broad category of queries ranging from health, news, science, and politics. Bing says that it may apply this label to any page that has ClaimReveiw markup included on the page.

Bing determines whether an article contains fact checks or not by looking for the ClaimReview markup. It also looks for sites that follow the commonly accepted criteria for fact checks.

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