If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of microtransactions inside of a game that you’ve just paid full price for, then you might be disappointed to learn that microtransactions will seemingly be making a return to Bungie’s upcoming Destiny 2. This is according to a recent flyer posted by GameStop in which is appears to confirm that silver will be making its return.

For those unfamiliar, silver is a currency that was introduced midway through the first Destiny game. However for the most part it seemed that the microtransactions were mostly for cosmetics and emotes, meaning that it wasn’t a pay-to-win kind of situation and that it is entirely optional and won’t affect gameplay.

Presumably this will be the same case for Destiny 2, although we guess there are probably gamers who would much rather that they did not have to spend additional real-life money if they can help it. From what we can tell, 1,000 silvers will be sold at $9.99, while 2,000 will be sold at $19.99.

We expect more details will be revealed in the future once the game has been launched, which is currently set for the 6th of September where it will be released on consoles, followed by a launch later on for PC gamers.

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