When the folks at Bungie first announced Destiny 2, it was revealed that the game would be arriving on console first before being released on the PC. It was unclear why that was the case, but during an interview with Polygon at E3, Bungie and Vicarious Visions revealed the reason why and that is because they wanted to get it right.

Destiny 2’s launch on the PC marks the first time in the Destiny franchise that the game will be arriving on the computer (although to be fair it is only the second title in the series). According to Vicarious Visions’ Thomas Gawrys, “The honest truth is we want it to land super solid. We want to meet the expectations of PC gamers — they have expectations for what they want and we want to make sure we hit as many of those as we can.”

Bungie’s David Shaw adds, “It really is as simple as ‘we want to get it right.’ That’s the reason there was no PC version of Destiny 1 is because we didn’t feel we could do it in a way that could honor the PC gamer [and] would really nail it. With Destiny 2, we had the team, we had the talent, we found great partners in [Vicarious Visions]. One more extension of being able to do it right is that we needed that extra bit of time.”

Destiny 2 is currently set for a release on the 6th of September for consoles, while the PC version is expected to launch on the 24th of October a month and a half later.

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