As you might have heard, Bethesda recently announced that they will be bringing the 2016 DOOM reboot onto the Nintendo Switch. This is a pretty huge deal and we’re sure that there will be quite a few Switch gamers who will appreciate the move. However it seems that there will some caveats that gamers might want to take note of.


In a report from Engadget, Bethesda has confirmed to the publication that DOOM for the Switch will come with all the updates and DLCs that have been released for the game to date. However it will not include the SnapMap level editor, although it is unclear why that is, so if making maps/levels is something you enjoy doing, know that the Switch version of the game will not support it.

The report also goes on to confirm that if gamers were to purchase a physical copy of the game that it will only contain the single-player campaign. For those who want to play the multiplayer campaign, you will have to download a free update. This is due to the storage limitations on the physical cartridge that the Switch uses for its games. Obviously this means that if you purchase the digital copy of DOOM that it will contain everything (except the SnapLevel map editor like we mentioned above).

At the moment it is unclear when DOOM will be released for the Switch, but Bethesda is targeting for a release this year, so we’ll just have to keep an eye out for a release date, which hopefully will be shared in the near future.

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