Back in the day, Adobe’s Flash platform was extremely popular and used by web developers to create websites and interactive online content like games. It was also one of the main selling points of Android where companies would advertise that their devices supported Flash while Apple’s iOS devices did not.


Fast forward to today and Flash is no longer the darling it once was, and it looks like Mozilla will be making good on their promise to kill Flash in the next update to its Firefox browser for Android. Android users who use Firefox will want to take note that starting with Firefox 56, it will no longer support Flash, so if you do browse content regularly that still uses Flash, then you’ll want to use a different browser.

Note that many web developers have since made the transition to HTML5 for their development needs, and while Flash is still being used by some websites, it isn’t as widespread as it once was so in reality users won’t be too inconvenienced. Mozilla is definitely not alone in doing this as previously we have seen other companies like Microsoft announce that its Edge browser would also start blocking Flash content.

Adobe themselves also appear to be resigned to the fact that Flash is no longer as popular as before and have confirmed that support for Flash will end in 2020.

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