The first iPhone X hasn’t been released as yet and we’re already hearing rumors about its successor. Apple will be expected to launch a successor to the iPhone X next year and if whispers out of South Korea are believed, the 2018 iPhone X is going to feature a giant 6.46 inch display.

The first generation iPhone X has a 5.8 inch OLED display. It’s actually the first smartphone to feature an OLED display. It was rumored at one point that Apple was considering developing a smaller iPhone with OLED display. This handset was believed to have a 5.28 inch display.

The whispers out of South Korea suggest that Apple is going to go big next year with a new iPhone X that’s going to have a 6.46 inch OLED display. It’s possible that the company might also opt for a slightly larger 5.85 inch display.

It’s unclear why Apple will make such a big jump the following year but then again, we’re still a long way from the time when the new iPhone X becomes due. There are likely going to be many more rumors about this handset in the months to come.

Nothing is confirmed about the next generation iPhone X at this point in time so take all of this information with a healthy dose of salt.

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