When you sent links in emails, generally they are clickable when you receive them. However in the case of addresses, phone numbers, or contacts, that might differ from email service provider to the app that you are using. Now if you are a Gmail or Inbox user, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google is changing that.


In a post on the G Suite Updates blog, Google has announced that they’ll be making addresses, numbers, and contact information in emails received on either platforms clickable. What this means is that for example if someone were to send you an address, you can just click that address to open it in an app such as Google Maps. This will save users time from having to copy and paste the address.

The same will be applied to phone numbers and emails, where phone numbers will prompt you whether you want to make a call to that number (if you were to click it on your phone), while clicking an email address will compose a new email using the user’s default email client. According to Google, these changes will be rolled out over the course of the next few days, so you should expect it pretty soon.

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