As much as Google would love to be able to do everything themselves, it would be impossible, which is why for services like Google Maps, the company has typically relied on their community to help fix any errors and to provide additional information, such as photos and reviews about places.

Now it looks like Google’s Local Guides will be able to do more than just write a review and upload photos. According to reports, Local Guides will be able to upload short 10-second video clips that can act as quick reviews or a quick overview about a particular location. This feature was quietly launched about a couple of weeks ago, but it is expected that it will roll out publicly in the near future.

The feature won’t just be limited to users as owners of the location can also add their own videos to highlight certain products or services. In order to upload or record a video, users will have to launch the Google Maps app on their phone and upload/record the video the same way you would a photo, except that you hold down on the shutter to record the video. However as TechCrunch points out, this seems to be limited to Android for now, but it is possible that it will eventually find its way onto iOS devices as well.

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