One of the “courageous” things Apple did when they introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was remove the headphone jack. However it did inconvenience quite a lot of users who might not have been so ready to cut the cord, but it seems that it did not stop YouTuber Strange Parts from trying to rectify the problem himself.


For those unfamiliar, Strange Parts is a YouTube who goes by the name of Scotty Allen, who earlier this year actually pieced together his own iPhone 6s using third-party components he sourced from China, so seeing him return with the iPhone 7 and DIY-ing a headphone doesn’t really come as a surprise.

According to a post on the Strange Parts blog, Allen writes, “The hardest parts were the electrical design and getting everything to fit inside the phone. Specifically, because I was using the logic from an Apple headphone adapter and a headphone jack from an iPhone 5, I had to find space to put them without breaking anything else. I feel like I got extremely lucky about finding space inside the phone.”

However it turns out that he was successful with fitting the headphone jack in. Now obviously we would not recommend you trying to do this yourself, but it does seem like a rather fun project, albeit not necessarily the most elegant of solutions.

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