Nexus-6P-Black-01Back in October, the folks at 9to5Google have pointed out a problem with the Nexus 6P in that it seems that if users were to update to Android 7.0 Nougat, their handset would for some reason randomly shut off when their battery levels reach 10-15%, or in some cases some users are claiming that this happened at 60%.

This is no doubt a serious and inconvenient issue and fast forward to today, it seems that the problem still exists. Android Police notes that some users have tried to fix this by reverting back to Marshmallow, but it seems that the problem persists albeit at lower levels. This has led to speculation that there could be a hardware issue that the Nougat update seems to have sped up.

Some users have since taken it upon themselves to have their batteries changed which seems to have fixed it, thus pointing to a potential hardware problem and not a software one. Google has acknowledged the problem but it seems that the company has decided to give the issue a low priority, meaning that it isn’t on the top of the list of problems that Google needs to fix.

In any case if you are a Nexus 6P user who is experiencing these issues, then you’ll want to either try reverting back to Marshmallow, or if worst comes to worst, swap out the battery for a new one.

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  • 2560x1440
  • 515 PPI
12 MP
  • f/2 Aperture
  • OIS
3450 mAh
  • Non-Removable
  • No Wireless Charg.
  • Snapdragon 810
  • None
~$450 - Amazon
178 g
Launched in
Storage (GB)
  • 128
Nexus 6P Review
Score: 10/10

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