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The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest console, but yet for some reason, it seems that every copy of the console that has been released to date is hiding a copy of the NES game, “Golf”, or at least that seems to be what the folks over at (via ArsTechnica) have recently discovered.

It doesn’t seem like the title can be easily accessed by just about anyone, so its existence on the Switch is unclear. It also appears that this isn’t just a coincidence as further investigation has revealed that the NES game was designed specifically to be compatible with the Switch, and that it will even support motion controls using the Joy-Con.

This has led to some speculation that maybe Nintendo could be getting ready to launch an NES emulator for the Switch and that they could have been testing out game compatibility and controls with Golf. It could also be an easter egg, although exactly how one accesses it is unclear since according to the poster, yellows8, “it’s unknown what exactly triggers launching this title.”

When ArsTechnica reached out to Nintendo to comment, all they got was a “ha!”, while the folks at Polygon were simply told that they would be looking into it. It is rather mysterious and we’ll be keeping an eye out for further developments.

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