Chances are even if you’ve never owned a PlayStation, you might have heard of a game developer called thatgamecompany, who has in the past put out some pretty amazing titles such as Journey. However before Journey, the company also had some other titles to their name, one of which is a game called “Flower” which has since found its way onto iOS devices.


According to the app’s description, “Experience award-winning Flower, now available on the App Store. Flower lets you take control of the wind as you explore and navigate beautiful, lush environments using motion controls. Journey through varied landscapes at your own pace, interacting with and changing the environment as you go, and find balance and harmony in your surroundings. This is an interactive escape that takes you on an emotional journey like no other game you’ve ever experienced.”

The game appears to be pretty easy to play and just requires players to tilt their phones around. The game isn’t exactly new and was first launched in 2009, meaning that it is 8 years old, but it seems to have held up pretty well. We’re not sure if other thatgamecompany’s games will find their way onto mobile devices, but we’re pretty sure that many gamers are hoping that Journey will eventually. In the meantime Flower is priced at $4.99 and is available via the iTunes App Store.

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