#IFA2017 – Gaming mice aren’t necessarily created the same because after all there are so many types of games, and one gaming mouse might not be the perfect fit for all. For example there are gaming mice that feature a ton of customizable buttons for MMORPGS or MOBA, and there are those designed for FPS.

Now if you consider yourself something of an FPS gamer, you might be interested to learn that Razer has recently taken the wraps off the Razer Basilisk gaming mouse. This is a gaming mouse that is clearly designed for FPS gamers in mind, thanks to its 16,000 DPI optical sensor which ensures fast and precise movements.

They also feature Razer’s Mechanical Mouse Switches that boasts 50 million clicks, meaning that this mouse should last you awhile. The mouse will also come with scroll wheel resistances, so depending on your preference you can adjust it accordingly. There is also a removable clutch for access to additional mouse actions, such as lowering the Basilisk’s DPI for more precise shooting, or amping it up on the spot for close-quarters fighting.

In terms of pricing, the Basilisk is actually relatively affordable compared to the competition at $70, and will be available for purchase via Razer’s website this coming September.

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