#IFA2017 – #ShowStoppers2017 – Invoxia is aiming to shape the future of GPS tracking and it’s going to try to do that with the Roadie. It’s a new GPS tracker that the company unveiled at the IFA 2017 trade convention in Berlin last week. The company says that the Roadie enables smarter GPS tracking with improved power efficiency as it’s capable of working on low-power networks.

The Invoxia Roadie doesn’t require a SIM card. It relies on low-power networks which give it improved battery life and efficiency that’s missing from competing GPS trackers. Roadie’s position can easily be accessed using a smartphone’s GPS positioning feature.

Since it’s fundamentally different from Bluetooth trackers, it’s also great for keeping an eye on your stuff. Bluetooth trackers can only show the location when the handset and the tracker are in range. Roadie uses the smartphone’s GPS to enable users to easily check in on the location of their stuff even when it’s far away.

The companion app enables users to set geographic areas so that they’re notified when their Roadie enters or leaves that area. It has a discreet and compact design which makes it easy to carry around.

We liked what this product from Invoxia is capable of doing. It got a mention in our list of the Best of IFA 2017.

It’s going to be a while, though, before you can get your hands on one. The Invoxia Roadie won’t be available before the first quarter of next year.

Eliane Fiolet reported on the Invoxia Roadie from the ground in Berlin.

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