#IFA2017 – #ShowStoppers2017 – Sennheiser introduced the Ambeo headset at IFA 2017 in Berlin last week. It’s what the company describes as the “world’s first intuitive mobile 3D recording headset.” The idea behind this product is to enable users to record audio and play it back just like the first time they experienced it. The Ambeo does a very good job of making that happen.

The Sennheiser Ambeo is capable of recording 3D binaural audio through integrated microphones. It hooks up to an iPhone or iPad using the Lightning connection and is therefore only available for iOS devices right now.

Sennheiser has confirmed that a version of this product for Android devices will be released eventually. It’s going to have a USB Type-C connection. The headset’s cable has a SmartSlider which can be used for features such as volume adjustment and enabling the active noise cancellation feature.

The headset’s auricle has four microphones that record ambient sounds, converts them and then plays them over the headset with 3D sound. This enables users to feel the direction from where the sound originated from even in the digital recording.

We were quite impressed by this product and therefore it received a mention in our Best of IFA 2017 list. Check out the video embedded above to find out more about the Sennheiser Ambeo.

Eliane Fiolet reported on the Sennheiser Ambeo from the ground in Berlin.

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