4K is slowly becoming the new standard resolution in which we are expected to consume our media in. Granted it isn’t quite as ubiquitous as Full HD, but give it maybe an additional year or two and we should start seeing it everywhere. This means that if you own a 4K TV, you could consider yourself futureproofed for the foreseeable future.

However if you really want to futureproof yourself, Sharp has you covered as the company has recently announced that they expect to start selling their 8K AQUOS TVs in markets such as China and Japan by the end of the year, and with plans to expand to Taiwan and Europe come 2018.

For those unfamiliar, an 8K TV will offer up a whopping resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 which is 16 times that of a regular Full HD TV. Sharp is marketing it as an “ultimate reality” in which the details are so fine that the naked eye can’t see it, which is kind of a weird claim since we’re sure that consumers want to be able to tell that they just spent a ton of money on an 8K TV, right?

However the only problem is the lack of content. As it stands even 4K content isn’t quite as available yet, although we are moving quickly towards that direction, but 8K does seem like quite a long ways to go, but we guess if you have the money to spend and wouldn’t mind futureproofing yourself for the next decade or so, then maybe an 8K TV might be a good way to go about it.

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