When it comes to turntables, DJs and vinyl collectors are probably familiar with the brand Technics. For those who have fond memories about the brand, you’ll be pleased to learn that Technics has recently taken the wraps off a set of brand new turntables in the form of the SP-10R.

For those who did grow up around vinyl and turntables, you might be familiar with the SP-10, which was one of the first Technics turntables released and was also the first direct-drive turntable that was sold on the market. However with the SP-10R, Technics is giving the model a bit of a premium finish.

According to the company, they are calling the SP-10R their most premium turntable to date. It weighs 7kg and sports the use of brass, rubber, and aluminum in its construction. Its press release reads, “By optimizing the natural frequency of each layer, external vibrations are thoroughly suppressed resulting in a beautifully clear and crisp audio experience.”

The turntables will also come with an external power supply which the company claims will help suppress humming sounds and vibrations, although the tradeoff is that you’ll need a bit more table space. Unfortunately Technics did not make any mention of the price, but given that the company’s previous re-release of the SL-1200 which was priced at $4,000, we have a feeling that the SP-10R won’t come cheap either.

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