[CEATEC 2017] With virtual reality (VR) technology, the idea is to create an environment that is immersive for the user. This is done through VR headsets which lets users feel like they are in the world itself, and sometimes with headphones and audio technology to create spatial audio and immerse the user even further.

However there are also other ways of making users feel more immersed, and one of those ways is through the motion controllers which ALPS is demonstrating at CEATEC 2017 this year. This is not the first time the company has unveiled the controllers, but this year the company’s Haptic Trigger Plus controllers are back and are more evolved than before.

These controllers will allow users to feel sensory feedback, such as whether an object they are touching is hot or cold, meaning that if the user is in a cold environment, the controllers will feel cold to the touch. Or if they’re touching a hot object in the game, the controllers will get warm as well. There is also force feedback and an actuator control to let users feel how hard or soft an object is.

Now there is no word on when ALPS Haptic Trigger Plus controllers will become mainstream and its technology find its way to already-available VR systems, but it is an interesting setup and you probably need to try to get an idea of.

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