Nobody likes a cheat, which is why many developers these days are clamping down hard on those caught cheating, like with Blizzard’s Overwatch where there are no second chances for cheaters. Now you might have heard that Destiny 2 for the PC has recently been launched and it seems that quite a few players have already been banned.

However the issue is that these players, or at least some of them, are claiming to be innocent and that the accusations of them using third-party software to inject code into the game and getting banned is not true. For PC gamers who are thinking of using third-party software to monitor performance, you can rest assured that you won’t get banned for this.

Bungie has since come forward and clarified that despite what some people on the internet are claiming, they are not banning gamers for using such software. The tweet reads, “We do block programs from pushing their code into our game. Most overlays work like that. We don’t ban for that tho. That’s internet BS.”

However if you want to play it safe, maybe for now you can avoid using programs that offer in-game overlays, or if you have to, then note that NVIDIA’s Shadowplay and AMD’s ReLive are currently supported, but other apps might not be for now. We expect that this should be resolved over time as Bungie starts to recognize what apps are cheats and what apps aren’t.

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