The internet would collectively lose its marbles if it was told out of the blue that Google had bought Apple. Yes, that Apple, the one with a market cap of $805 billion, greater than Google’s parent company Alphabet’s market cap of $677 billion. So when the Dow Jones newswires reported today that Google was acquiring Apple for $9 billion, many simply thought that something was wrong over at Dow Jones, instead of believing that this could actually be true.


It wasn’t just one headline. The first headline was followed by additional stories that involved Google saying “Yay,” the company getting 9 Apple shares for each one of its share, Google taking over Apple’s headquarters, and that deceased Apple co-founder CEO Steve Jobs suggested this deal in his will.

The fake story went on to say that Google CEO Larry Page had secret talks with Steve Jobs back in 2010 to finalize this deal. It was quite obvious from the word go that these were fake stories.

Fortunately, they don’t seem to have had much of an impact on the share price of either company. It’s also worth mentioning that Dow Jones rectified this pretty quickly by removing the fake stories.

“Please disregard the headlines that ran on Dow Jones Newswires between 9:34 a.m. ET and 9:36 a.m. ET. Due to a technical error, the headlines were published. All of those headlines are being removed from the wires. We apologize for the error,” it said in a statement.

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