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Steam Will No Longer Support Windows XP, Vista In 2019
Considering that Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft, it’s not surprising that more and more software is stopping support for older Windows builds. For those who are still on Windows XP or Windows Vista, it seems that come 2019 Valve’s Steam platform will no longer support either version of the operating system.

iTunes To Drop Support For First-Gen Apple TV And Windows Vista
Some of you probably may not even remember the first generation Apple TV but it goes without saying that it’s an obsolete product and Apple certainly seems to think so. The company has announced that it’s going to drop iTunes support for the original Apple TV from May 25. It’s also going to drop support for PCs running older iterations of Windows.

Firefox Will End Support For Windows XP & Vista In 2018
The latest version of Windows is Windows 10, and if you were on older builds of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8, there was a period where Microsoft offered users the chance to upgrade for free, which hopefully many of you guys have taken it. However at the same time there are also probably some users who are on even older builds of Windows.

Windows Vista Support Has Officially Ended
Perhaps no other iteration of Windows has created such a bad reputation for itself than Windows Vista. Universally loathed, Microsoft was quick to move on after Vista and didn’t quite look back. However, since it was a major platform release, the company has had to support it for a very long time. Now, a decade after it was first launched, Microsoft today announced that Windows Vista support has officially ended.


Windows Vista Support Ends Next Month
We never really saw a repeat of the Windows Vista from Microsoft. It was perhaps the most criticized operating system that Microsoft ever came out with and it was quick to move on from there and put it all behind. However, since it was an entirely new iteration, Microsoft had to continue supporting Vista but its time has now run out. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Vista support is going […]

Blizzard Games Will Soon Stop Supporting Windows XP And Vista
Windows XP and Windows Vista are two of Microsoft’s older operating systems that are surprisingly still being used in some parts of the world. Now if for whatever reason you haven’t upgraded to at least Windows 8.1 yet, you might be interested to learn that Blizzard has announced on its forums that they’ll no longer be supporting these older platforms.

Firefox On Windows XP & Vista To Be Support Until September 2017
As it stands both Windows XP and Vista do not have mainstream support from Microsoft. For Vista, extended support is still active until April 11, 2017. By now we would have assumed that many users have switched to at least Windows 7, or ideally Windows 10, but if for some reason you’re still on XP or Vista, not to worry as Mozilla has your back.

Windows Vista Support Ends Exactly One Year From Today
Windows Vista wasn’t the best of creations from Microsoft. When former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was once asked in an interview what his biggest regret was during his tenure he said that it was Longhorn a.k.a Windows Vista. He referred to it as his single biggest mistake in the 13 years that he was at the helm of Microsoft. Users were quick to abandon it too as Vista powers less than […]

Microsoft Update Disables SafeDisc, Breaks Some Old Games
If you have some old games lying around in disc format that maybe you’d like to play again in the future, there is a chance that you might not be able to, especially if you’re running a Windows 7, 8, or Vista computer. Why is this? Apparently this is thanks to Microsoft issuing an update for Windows that disables SafeDisc.We’re sure some of you guys might be wondering what is […]