When the Nintendo Switch was originally announced, it was revealed that it could be used docked as a home console, or undocked and brought around like a portable console. This led some to wonder about the fate of the 3DS as it seemed like the Switch could be poised to replace it.

However Nintendo suggested that this won’t be the case as both consoles would exist side-by-side, claiming that at its heart, the Switch is a home console. However following the console’s release, that’s not necessarily how most gamers see it. According to Nintendo’s recent financial report, it has been revealed that it seems more gamers prefer the Switch in handheld mode than docked.

As you can see in the slide above, it seems that a little under 20% of gamers prefer the Switch played primarily in docked mode, while about 30% prefer it in handheld. The remainder seems to enjoy playing it in both modes. This does seem to suggest that despite Nintendo’s insistence of the Switch being a home console, gamers do appreciate and are taking advantage of its portability when gaming.

This still does not mean that the Switch will be replacing the 3DS anytime soon, but rather with this preferred mode of gaming, perhaps it’s something that Nintendo and developers will want to look into to capture the attention of more gamers.

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